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ADD:NO.630,East Sanshui Avebue,Lubao Town,Sanshui District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China.
About us
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  Foshan Dison Packaging Co.,LTD.was founded in May 2005,located in Lubao Central Science&Technology Zone,Sanshui,Foshan.The Factory currently has more than 170 people,covering an area of about 2,0000 square meters.


  Hefei Dison Packaging Co.,LTD was Established in Hefei,Anhui province in 2014.


  The beautiful factory is well-located and easy of access .We has made delectable achievements in the Label industry after years of unremitting efforts of all the staff.We totally have five high-speed printing machines of 10-colour and 9-colour,8 sets of 3-layer film-blowing machines,several of Inspection machines,slitting machines,gluing machines,slicing machines and rewinding Machines.We also won the trust of customers during expanding market shares both home and abroad. 

  a) Enterprise Culture

  Material resources will eventually be exhausted, only spiritual power can be endless and culture and ideology will be handed from generation to generation.

  Construction of enterprise culture is to achieve the company's mission, unify staff thoughts, ideas, attitudes, behaviours and values-oriented.

  We hope to establish a great enterprise image by good and healthy enterprise culture , in order to attract more talents and finally we will achieve win-win both.


  b) Dison Core Values

  To be a leading companies in the domestic industry

  Employees are the most valuable asset.

  Developing the core technology system of our own

  Establishing a community of interests between enterprises with employees and customers.


  c) Mission and Aspirations

  Mission: First-class Enterprises

  First-class Talents

  First-class Management

  First-class Values

  Aspirations : To built to last Sustainable development