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2015 plastic packaging film industry outlook!

Time: 2015-10-19 17:03:49     

  2007 to the present, China's output of plastic film showed a rising trend, to June 2014 reached the highest at 1.178 million tons. At present the main areas of consumption of polyethylene is applied to the plastic packaging film industry, in the face of rising living standards, people functional diversification of the material is also increasing. On the demand side, the plastic film accounted for 56% of the total expected future demand growth is still concentrated in the packaging sector, the share of the film may be further expanded.

  The most common plastic film multi-linear and high pressure blending, by blown or cast film to be made in life.

  Plastic packaging film has a certain degree of transparency, airtight, moisture resistance, thermoplastic and other packaging materials do not have the advantage, it has been widely used in the packaging field. In recent years, food, pharmaceutical and personal care products as the main three directions of the plastic film industry needs, and the Asia-Pacific region has become the world's largest packaging film market, the expanding demand brought about export opportunities. Packaging films in food packaging has become the largest end-use markets, while pharmaceutical and medical field also followed its demand for packaging film strength increased year by year. In recent years, the rapid rise of China and India, food packaging and medical pharmaceutical industry, largely pushed up the packaging film market trend. The next few years, China and India is expected to become the main driving force of the Asia-Pacific packaging film market to further prosperity.

  With the escalating level of consumption, total demand for packaging film is still substantial room for improvement, enterprises should increase technology investment, rational use of resources, to make up for deficiencies in the production of technical and material supply exist as soon as possible so that the plastic packaging film market to win more market share.