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The packaging industry has occupied an important position in the national economy

Time: 2015-10-19 16:49:23     

  Packaging industry has gradually become an important part of China's national economic development. But for now, China's packaging industry, there are many disharmony. Such discord, now associated utilitarian, but also with the relevant technical standards failed to update the relevant countries, and more with low associated cost of illegal enterprises.

  Green packaging is the big trend in the world packaging industry, food safety is a key improvement areas of current as well as future years, both for the development of plastic packaging materials has a direct impact.

  Green plastic packaging materials not only to health and environmental protection, but also have the function of packaging and high performance. This requires plastic packaging materials enterprises to further improve and upgrade in the following areas:

  First, innovation and research and development of new materials and new plastic processing technology, so that more excellent performance plastic becomes packaging materials, and the use of high-performance new materials, packaging materials achieve reduction.

  The second is to promote the progress and development of plastic blending techniques, plastic additives and application of new technologies, to ensure plastic packaging materials, non-toxic, hygienic, environmentally friendly premise, using low-cost technology to make plastic packaging materials performance for the reduction offer possible.

  The third is to enhance and improve plastic recycling processing technology, plastic packaging material recycling rates increased dramatically improve and eliminate plastic packaging materials caused by the "white pollution" risks, improve resource utilization.

  Fourth, the development of bio-based plastics, effectively regulate bio-degradable plastics and cycle time, giving full play to the function of bioplastic packaging materials while reducing and eliminating plastic packaging materials pollution and its impact on the ecological environment.

  Fifth, through independent research and technology innovation, reduce new materials, the cost of plastic packaging of new technologies, to avoid problems due to high costs, many line with the green plastic packaging materials can not be large-scale applications.

  Sixth, the development of intelligent packaging technology and other advanced means of using part of the plastic packaging material has the edible, water-soluble, etc., reduce the amount of packaging waste, improve safety and environmental performance plastic packaging.

  Similarly, plastic packaging materials are also used in food packaging. To avoid internal material remains toxic and harmful chemical pollutants migration and dissolution, which appeared in food safety incidents, plastic packaging materials enterprises should give good security clearance.

  On the sources of raw materials, bio-degradable materials has become a major highlight of the packaging sector, although it can not completely replace petroleum-based plastics, but in the national policy to encourage and promote the enterprise application percentage is increased every year. As a packaging material, especially food packaging materials, security is the most basic principles should be followed. How to avoid to ensure product performance while plasticizing agents, metal elements and other contaminated food is the enterprise to survive, development must be addressed. Again, as a member of society, companies must bear the corresponding social responsibilities, good job of packaging waste disposal and recycling resources reuse work to achieve sustainable development requirements.

  Companies first should strengthen self-discipline, the use of raw materials to produce products in line with the corresponding packaging products. Food is the entrance of something, as a guarantee of food safety last barrier packaging certainly not sloppy. Meanwhile, enterprises should carry out scientific and technological innovation, technological transformation and upgrading, toward real green, environmentally friendly direction, not just speculation on green packaging concepts.